Bob has produced three CDs featuring a mix of traditional Irish and Celtic music plus his own compositions, all produced in his Nelson based recording studio.

Please select a CD for further information and to hear sample tracks:

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International Release:

The White Cloud company has released some of Bob’s tracks on the Naxos label, which are available online.
Bob Bickerton on Naxos

Other recordings on which Bob features include:

Simple Gifts – Cityfolk Records 1983 – CFR005

Back From The Hills – Martin Curtis – Cityfolk Records 1985 – CFR012

Suas leis a’ Gháidhlig – Music of the Gaelic Society Of New Zealand – 1987

The Call And The Answer – Cairde – OHO Records 1995

Millenium Rua Mano (2000) – NCAC005 1998

Ira Saigonova – 1998

The Leaving Of Ireland – Mark/Clark – White Cloud 1998 – Wh Cl 11035-2

The Blessing Tree – Phil Riley – White Cloud 1998 – Wh Cl 11036

All material © Bob Bickerton 2012