Karanga Te Pō, Karanga Te Ao




Released in September 2016, this album features music from the films Water Whisperers Tangaroa and Sky Whisperers Ranginui and features Aroha Yates-Smith, Taihuka Smith, Richard Nunns and Bob Bickerton.

The process of creating this music involved an intensive week of writing and recording for each film with inspiration sought from the beautiful Te Tau Ihu environment. The sound of birds, water and wind were the impetus to create what is essentially an improvised sonic landscape. Taonga Pūoro, the traditional instruments of Māori, are interwoven with Celtic instruments such as the harp, flute and bodhran. Waiata composed during this creative time and sung with passion and beauty by Aroha and her son Taihuka take us further on a journey to another world, another place.

The nature of Sky Whisperers Ranginui led us to explore new ways of presenting the Taonga Pūoro using sampling and effects techniques. All these sounds use traditional instruments as their source resulting in a rich woven tapestry blending old sounds with new.



This is a milestone recording and is one of the last released by leading Taonga Pūoro exponent Dr Richard Nunns.

Here’s a short compilation of some of the tracks off the album:


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