Live Sound

Bob provides live sound systems and PA hire for festivals, concerts and conferences in the Nelson region.

  • Tim and Neil Finn at Green Fire Islands
  • James Morrison at the Theatre Royal
  • Red Square at the Arts Festival
  • dDub in the Nelson School Of Music
  • Cairde in the Playhouse Theatre
  • Fiona Pears at the Nelson Jazz Festival
  • Montreal Guitar Trio in the Theatre Royal
  • Green Fire Islands

Bob Bickerton has thirty years concert production experience and has been providing professional live sound services to the Nelson region for over ten years.

As a full time professional musician, performing arts manager and sound engineer he has an in depth understanding of live sound issues and is now specialising in high quality acoustic music production for small and medium sized venues. Skills and experience he has gained as a recording engineer are applied to the live sound environment where he produces the performance to emulate CD quality results.

Operating as BBSound he has provided sound for the Nelson Arts Festival, Nelson School Of Music Winter Festival, the Nelson Jazz Festival, the Wellington Folk Festival and concerts too numerous to mention.


NZTrio and Mike Nock in the Arts Festival

NZTrio and Mike Nock in the Arts Festival


Custom System Design

Bob will work with you to design a custom system for your event that will deliver professional results. He can also offer recording services as well as basic lighting design for smaller venues.

“Acoustically, the concrete and glass room has everything against it at the Woollaston Estate, but the musical experience of Bob Bickerton meant the sound setup was flawless in design overcoming this and giving every audience member an auditory treat that didn’t blast your ears”……Nelson Mail

Fohhn at Neudorf

New Fohhn System at Neudorf Winery in the Arts Festival


Professional Sound Equipment

Bob uses a range of esoteric equipment sourced from Germany, England, America and Australia which is ideal for acoustic live sound production. Care is taken to match microphones to sound sources to achieve optimum results:

Microphones: Neumann, DPA, Beyerdynamic, AKG, Sennheiser, Electrovoice, Line, Rode, Crowley and Tripp, Audix, Line, Audio-Technica and Shure.
Pre-amps: DAV, Focusrite, Allen & Heath, QSC and Soundcraft.
Mixing Desks: Soundcraft including Soundcraft Expression Digital desks, QSC Touchmix and Allen and Heath analogue.
Outboard: TC Electronic, Lexicon, Ashly and DBX.
Speakers/Amps: Fohhn, JBL, Peavey, Yamaha, QSC and Alesis.
Backline: Markbass. Yamaha

New Soundcraft Expression 32 Channel Digital Desk:




An example of our commitment to the best technology is the purchase of a Soundcraft Expression 32 channel digital mixing desk, the most advanced mixing desk available in the top of the South Island.


Sonicarts РThe Sound professionals

Bob works with fellow engineers Brendyn Montgomery, ‘JR’ Richardson and Janja Heathfield to provide a professional team ready to deliver your sound requirements.

Bob Bickerton is an ex director of the Nelson School Of Music, ex General Manager of the Dunedin Sinfonia, ex founding member and chairperson of the NZ Uilleann Pipers Association and Ceol Aneas. As a multi-instrumentalist he has performed in all major concert venues, folk and Arts festivals in New Zealand and has performed to around 250,000 school students in the last 25 years with his educational programmes.

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