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Bob’s professional recording studio in Nelson, features the finest collection of recording microphones and esoteric recording equipment in Nelson, available in our warm acoustically treated studio or on location around the Nelson region and beyond.

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Bob has 30 years of production experience with a wide variety of music genres including folk, jazz, classical and contemporary music. As a recording musician, sound engineer and concert producer he has been involved in projects ranging from orchestras to bands, soloists and choirs. As well as considerable engineering experience, Bob has developed cutting edge recording facilities to provide outstanding sonic quality which has been critically accliamed in the media.

Bob’s positive, supportive approach along with a relaxed studio environment means the process of recording can be enjoyable as well as successful!


Esoteric Facilities

Either in the recording studio or on location, Bob uses state-of-the-art equipment including:

Microphones: Neumann U87, TLM 193 (x2), KM183 (x2) and KMS105, Beyerdynamic MC740, M88, M69, M99, M201 (x2), Crowley and Tripp Naked Eye ribbon, Sennheiser MKH 8020 (x2), MKH 8040 (x2), MKH 8050 (x2), e602, e840 (x4), e845 (x2), e614 (x7), e906 (x2), MKE2 (x2) and B604, DPA 4099, Fine Omni Headset, 4060 (x2), 4061 (x2), Electrovoice RE20, RE510 (x4), Rode NTG-1 (x2), NT5 (x2), Samson VR88 ribbon, Audix OM7 (x2), D2 (x2), D4 and i5 (x2), Shure SM7B, SM58 (x4) and SM57 (x2).

Preamps: Focusrite ISA428 (x4) including digital converter card, DAV Broadhurst Gardens No2 (x4).

Onboard: UAD Apollo, or Soundcraft Expression (up to 32 channels) in MacBook Pro.

Monitoring: PMC TB2a, Avantone Mixcubes, Lehmann Studio Cube, Sennheiser HD-650.

Portable Recording: Zoom F8, Sennheiser MKE600 shotgun microphones, DPA 4060/4061 microphones.

Backline: Markbass CMD 151P Jeff Berlin Combo, Standard HF102 extension cabinet

Software: Logic X including Space Designer convolution reverb, Autotune and and Melodyne, Universal Audio UAD-2 card including Lexicon 224, Manley Massive EQ, Pultec Pro, Precision EQ and Cambridge EQ plus Fairchild 670, Urei 1176LN, Precision Buss Compressor, Neve 88R, Precision Limiter and Tectronix LA-2A compressor vintage analogue emulations.


Recording Studio, Nelson

Bob’s acoustically treated recording studio is situated in Todd’s Valley, a ten minute drive out of Nelson. It can easily accommodate up to trios, but for larger groups Bob records on location in venues selected to suit the music genre being recorded.


Location Recording

Bob’s recording equipment is fully portable and can be used for location recording of concerts or in larger venues more suited to a music genre. In recent years he has worked for Radio New Zealand Concert FM, recorded the Adam Chamber Music Festival, the Adam Chamber Music Summer School, Fiona Pears and her band, Te Tau Ihu Kapahaka Groups and Mosaic Choir on location in a wide variety of venues.

Collaborator Janja Heathfield has a great deal of experience in sound for film.


CD Production

In addition to sound engineering and CD mastering, Bob can assist with the production of your CD including artwork, advice on copyright and information on manufacturing the CDs. Bob uses Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, In Design) for CD artwork and can take digital photographs for use in artwork.

You can read more about CD Production in Bob’s useful CD Guide



Here’s what the media have said about CDs that have been recorded by Bob:

“A stand-out recording amongst New Zealand produced Celtic music…….”
NZ Musician

“The technical production is big and generous-sounding with a lot of warmth…….”
NZ Musician

“The result of the recording, with its careful mix, is a full and rich sound with crisp definition…….”
Christchurch Press


Student Discounts

Bob offers special discounts to students who wish to create demo CDs.


A Musical Community

During the last ten years Bob has recorded, mastered and/or produced CDs for a wide variety of Nelson, New Zealand and International artists including:

The New Zealand String Quartet, the Michelangelo Quartet, the New Zealand Trio, Dierdre Irons, Peter Nagy, James Campbell, Cairde, Mosaic, Richard Nunns, Duo Jackson, Jane Pujji, Paul Bond, Alex and Duncan Davidson, Te Tau Ihu Kapahaka Groups, Brian Flintoff, Ian McDonald, the Nelson Symphony Orchestra, Gaelynne Pound, plus a variety of students from the Nelson School Of Music.

You can read up about some of Bob’s Past Projects 

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