Nelson School Of Music

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The Nelson School Of Music is Nelson’s leading music venue featuring a wide range of music genres in concert each year. The acoustics in the main auditorium are acclaimed as being the best in the Southern Hemisphere for chamber music, however, this creates issues for amplified music which is better suited to dryer acoustics. Many years experience (Bob was Director of the School for seven years) have shown that excellent results can be achieved for sound re-enforcement in the School by careful placement of quality speakers. BBSound have permanently installed a sound system which works ‘with’ the natural acoustics of the room to provide excellent sound.

At the heart of the system are a pair of QSC three way HPR153i speakers which are critically acclaimed for their reproduction of acoustic music. In addition are a delayed pair of QSC HD-282 speakers which are positioned half way down the auditorium to give definition in the rear of the room. These are then enhanced by Peavey Q118 subs to give a full range system suitable for all music genres from subtle acoustic to serious rock. When supplemented by our range of esoteric microphones, our StudioLive mixing desk and quality monitoring, the sound system reflects the quality lineage of the school’s musical history. A major event in the school calendar is the Nelson School Of Music’s Winter Festival where BBSound are the preferred supplier of sound reinforcement services.

In recent years we have technically produced concerts at the school for such performers as Hollie Smith, Roger Fox, Tim Beveridge, Tom Sharplin and the Cadillacs, Graham Wardrop, OneVibe, Tina Cross, Taisha, Caitlin Smith, Luger Boa, Iva Lamkum, David Goldthorpe, Strike, dDub to name but a few. The open acoustics of the auditorium make for excellent live recordings, in fact the recording made of Peggy Seeger’s fundraising concert for the Nelson Women’s House was considered to be as good as a BBC recording made of her concert in London a few years previously.

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