New Acoustic Treatment and Monitors For Studio

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It’s all very well using top microphones and pre-amps to record music, but unless this is mixed on excellent speakers in an acoustically treated environment, the engineer is working blind (or should that be deaf). When I recently upgraded my studio monitors to English manufacturer PMC’s TB2-As, I started to become aware that all was not right with my control room acoustics.

I had a discussion with Larry Elliot of Marshall Day who are professional acousticians and we commenced a process of measuring the room and designing suitable treatment for installation. Fortunately, once the design is formulated, acoustic panels can be manufactured locally out of materials readily available, but the manufacturing tolerance of some of the acoustic panels was down to a single millimeter so precision was the key. Certain panels were designed to absorb specific frequencies in the room and it was something of a challenge to fit the required square coverage of panels, some of which ended up on doors! However, the end result is a very neutral and balanced monitoring environment which is essential for professional mixing and mastering.

Every nuance can be heard in the mix and the PMC speakers are particularly suited to acoustic music genres presenting a beautifully expansive sound stage.

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