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We’re thrilled to have invested in a new Presonus StudioLive digital mixing desk. It’s both flexible and powerful affording 24 inputs, 10 auxillary monitor sends, 2 onboard effects units, compression, limiter, gate, parametric EQ on every input channel and with the addition of graphic EQ on eight output channels. Multiple sound checks can be saved and recalled making it ideal for variety concerts. Most important is that the pre-amp and conversion quality is extremely high giving a sound quality you would expect from top analogue desk.

Now it may seem totally over the top, but the StudioLive can be run off an iPad and this is a very useful facility for EQing stage monitors from the monitor position, tweaking EQ in the room from any point in the theatre space and even mixing over wireless in certain scenarios.

In fact one group was so impressed by being able to EQ monitors from the stage that they said ‘you wouldn’t even find that in Auckland’. Without question this is a significant development in live sound infrastructure for Nelson. There’s lots more information on the StudioLive on line at

StudioLive is a fully fledged 24 channel recording interface The flexibility of digital audio starts to become apparent when you realize the StudioLive is also a 24 channel firewire based recording interface. This amazing device enables us to record 24 tracks of audio direct into a computer with no other hardware required. It will also allow 24 track playback. Multi-track recording of live concerts can now be done with ease straight into our preferred recording software Logic Pro. But this can also facilitate concert preparation by recording and playing back sound checks, fine tuning EQ without musicians being present, etc.

Recording of full bands now becomes a breeze with 24 inputs available. Plus with 10 analogue outputs available all band members can receive their own headphone mix. Pre-amps and converters on the StudioLive are superb quality giving excellent results. Mixing By Wireless It seems remarkable but it’s quite possible to mix an entire concert on the StudioLive from an iPad, but would you really want to? The answer is sometimes, yes! Imagine for example a performance which is playback intensive, like the Arts Festival’s Red Square or Race Unity Day. Why not have playback at side of stage where monitor levels can be set with ease and communication with performers is more direct and mix out front wirelessly. No gazeebos, no snakes, just a flash new iPad – and a sun hat of course. With luck it would work from the nearest coffee cart, now we’re talking!

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