A not untypical review:

Bob Bickerton, a specialist in performing traditional and contemporary Celtic music, was a hit at Carlton School yesterday.

He performs throughout New Zealand in concerts and festivals and to thousands of school children every year.

The former director of the Nelson Music School loves nothing more than travelling around New Zealand and introducing pupils to a wide range of musical instruments used in Celtic folk music.

He shows young children how to explore their instruments and to learn how they produce their sound. Yesterday he had the Carlton St kids in hysterics as he played his instruments. He tells children how to find the difference between high and low, find the difference between loud and soft sounds, work with different rhythms, and he teaches them a song. Mr Bickerton had his young audience yelling. They loved him, and they loved his music.


Evaluation forms were included with all Resource Kits for a period one term each year to monitor my performance standards. Generally there is a high response rate from principals/teachers.

In the last five years 97% of evaluation forms rated Bob’s performances in the top ‘Excellent’ category, 3% were in the ‘Good’ category.

It would be impossible to give all comments, so here’s a selection, both humorous an positive:

We had an amazing time and the children are really enjoying follow-up work. We look forward to next year! – Clifden

Complete rapport with audience – Strath Taieri

Good overall performance. Great balance between listening to music/joining in singing/listening to storytelling. Great management skills with the children – Chartwell

You are obviously very accomplished when dealing with children and our children warmed to you very quickly – Broad Bay

Thanks Bob – the best itinerant teacher/entertainer we’ve had ever – Duntroon

Too short! We’d love to listen for hours – Waikoikoi

One of the most worthwhile presentations we have had for the children at school – South Makirikiri

I have enjoyed your visits to Otama School and will miss it next year when I’m at High School – Laura, Otama

I reckon you’re a good singer – James, Otama

The whole show was outstanding – Arthur Burns

Set very good guidelines and expectations. An outstanding performance that gave students further skills and knowledge in their music development – Kelson

This was one of the best performances we’ve had in our school – St Mark’s Church School, Wellington

It was the best show I’ve seen of this type – Onekawa

Superb – Hereworth Prep

It was a great performance by a very skilled musician. The pace was great and involvement of children just right – Flaxmere

Very skilled in balancing show – performance and involvement of audience. Excellent control – Granity

Shorter kilt – more leg! – North Loburn

A wonderful show with lots of variety, enabling the children to respond and experience a range of emotions – humour, sadness, excitement etc – Konini

Great Show! – Eastern Hutt

We absolutely loved the show and felt 99% of the children were actively involved and very interested in your performance – St Matthew’s

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