Student Discounts

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BBSound continues to offer a 33% discount to students who wish to record, making professional recording accessible. Often students will take advantage of this offer when preparing audition CDs for competitions or courses. Having a high quality recording can really make a difference and enables adjudicators to audition material without having to struggle with poor recording quality.

The process is not particularly daunting as we can record in the student’s preferred environment with our portable recording equipment. It’s a good idea to have a teacher present who can comment on takes, this way you’ll get the most out of the recording session. A highlight in the year for students is the Nelson Symphony Orchestra’s concerto concert where students can audition to play a movement from a concerto with the orchestra.

This is a wonderful opportunity and makes for a varied and most enjoyable concert. These concerts are recorded and CDs made available to students with highlights being included in the NSO’s end of year double CD.

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