It has been an enormous privilege to have collaborated with other artists and musicians on projects over the years. Below, you'll find some of the projects in which I've been involved.


Muriwai 1


Muriwai is a new musical collaboration of Ariana Tikao and Bob Bickerton.

The name refers to a confluence of two rivers, and their music is a convergence of Māori and Celtic musical traditions through celtic harp, vocals, and taonga puoro. Long-time collaborators, the pair have now developed a major work which journeys through time and place starting with a Kāi Tahu creation story relating to water, through to the arrival of people in Te Waipounamu, our impact on the environment, and imagined consequences of our actions.

This 40 minute work was first performed at NCMA in the Nelson School of Music auditorium on 4 August 2022 and is now available for festivals and concerts around Aotearoa.

There's more information at:

Auroko Release

We’re thrilled to announce that the studio recording of the beautiful Auroko is now released on Oro Records.

Click on the track artwork above to listen and enjoy.

Muriwai Excerpts

Here are two waiata from the show featuring the use of taonga puoro with voice and harp:

You can read more about Muriwai at our bespoke website here:

Hine Pu Te Hue with the New Zealand String Quartet

Hine Pu Te Hue was the first work composed for taonga puoro and string quartet and written by Dame Gillian Whitehead in 2002 for the New Zealand String Quartet and Richard Nunns. A digital performance was broadcast as part of the Aotearoa New Zealand Festival of the Arts in 2022 to mark the 20th anniversary of the first performance.

Unfortunately, Horomona Horo was unable to perform as he was isolating with Covid19, so I ended up being called in at the last moment! What a pleasure to perform with my good friends Helene, Monique, Gillian and Rolf in the New Zealand String Quartet.

You can visit my listing at SOUNZ by selecting this link:

Nelson Composers Workshop

I've been fortunate indeed to perform new works in the Nelson Composers Workshop over the last two years. I find it to be a wonderfully creative space, fascinating new works and wonderful musicians with which to collaborate.

Here's a couple of examples of improvised pieces, one with the wonderful Mahina Ina Kingi Kaui and the other with virtuoso percussionist Justin DeHart.

Ko te Tātai Whetū

This work for taonga puoro and orchestra was written by Philip Brownlee and Ariana Tikao and was performed at the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts with the Nelson Symphony Orchestra conducted by James Donaldson on 27th July 2019.
Ko te Tātai Whetū
Ko te Tātai Whetū


Bob, Solomon, Ariana, Holly, Robin and Brian
Bob, Solomon, Ariana, Holly, Robin and Brian

Since 2016 I have had the pleasure of working with Robin Slow, Brian Flintoff, Ariana Tikao, Holly Tikao-Weir and Solomon Rahui on a series of exhibitions. These exhibitions, all with a kaupapa Māori focus, have received critical acclaim with the exhibition Ngā Hau Ngākau touring around Aotearoa to various Art Galleries and Museums.

Click on an image below to watch an exhibition video. You can find more information on Ngā Hau Ngākau on this link:

Exhibition Videos

Film Soundtracks

Taihuka, Aroha, Richard and Bob in the studio

Over several years a group of us composed and recorded soundtracks for several films directed by Kathleen Gallagher.

Featuring Richard Nunns on taonga puoro, Aroha Yates-Smith singing waiata, joined also by her son Taihuka and myself on traditional Irish instruments.

These were some of the most creative and enjoyable moments I have spent in the studio, immersing oursleves for a full week, starting with a blank page and finishing with wonderful music.

We released two CDs of the music from these films which you can enjoy here.

North South

North South is an epic poetry cycle written by Glen Colquhoun, extracts from which were used in the Green Fire Islands production in 2008 for which I happened to provide live sound.

It explores concepts of Māori and Celtic mythology and what would happen if they intertwined.

The concept was developed into a touring show, directed by Sara Brodie and featured Glen reciting the poetry, Richard Nunns playing taonga puoro and myself on traditional Irish instruments.

Glen, Richard, Sara and Bob rehearsing North South
Glen, Richard, Sara and Bob rehearsing North South

Traditional Irish Music

Collaborations made through playing traditional Irish music are extensive and too numerous to list here.

Highlights might include performing for dancers at the National Feis with Gael Force, recording a piece with the NZSO on uilleann pipes (terrifying), creating the Irish show Cruisich and playing many years with my wife Evey and then others for ceilidh dances as Flying Feet.

I would like to particularly acknowledge my wife Evey McAuliffe, daughter Ceara McAuliffe-Bickerton as well as some of my key associates over the years including Barrie McDonald, David Kidron, Brendyn Montgomery, Pat Riddet, Davy Stuart, Alex Davidson and Jock Walton.

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